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Future Manga Scanning Projects [PLACE REQUESTS HERE]

For the list of doujinshi, please see here and here.

Here is the list of future manga projects I'm planning to scan.

However regardless whether it's manga or doujinshi, I'd still like to be asked to be credited if your group decides to use my scans for scanlation use, especially since I've spent a lot of my own time and money to buy these books.

For manga and doujinshi, I will NOT be scanning, please see my Sale Post.

Because I'm not scanning any of my manga in any particular order, if anyone who is interested in scanlating any of the series, I will put priority to scan those first. In addition, I don't mind sending the DL privately instead of publicly posting here if any groups request to do so.

(If anyone needs help cleaning and/or typesetting for the Funghi Enclopedia listed below, I'd be more than happy to help!)

Also, feel free to request samples pictures (taken with my camera) if anybody's interested and don't want to bother waiting for proper scans.

And if anyone knows if raw scans of the following titles are already available online or if a group is already working on any of these projects, please let me know!

***NOTE*** If after sending the raws and your group decides not to scanlate it for whatever reason, PLEASE LET ME KNOW (I won't be mad nor do I bite xP;; ) so I can take the series/doujinshi off reserve status and let other groups have the chance to work on it.

(Click thumbnail for bigger picture)


Title: Ai ni Toshi no Sanante
Genre: Comedy
Description: Kazusa is an ordinary high school girl that's madly in love. She often visits the house of the super rich, popular, and sexy Itsuki-senpai. However, Kazusa isn't there to see Itsuki, but his old butler Yagi Shinemon?! Can Kazusa defeat the age difference and obtain true love? And what about Yagi? Although polite on the surface, Yagi is not thrilled at this threatening, bratty girl hovering around his young master, who he so carefully raised himself.
Review(s):  From shinkeikaku: "This is not technically romance, but it certainly would be if Kazusa had her way! Since Kazusa is 15, she’s worried Yagi would be labeled as a lolicon, so she magnanimously decides to wait until she’s 30 before “making her move.” " xDDD

Title: BL Shachou
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Description: A man becomes the president of a manga club, but what he really finds is a club full of BL fan-girls!!

Title: Calendar Boy (Vol. 1)
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Description: Calendar Boy depicts the whimsical adventures of human personifications of national holidays on the Japanese calendar. Focusing on gags that are tied to stereotypes and images typically associated with holidays in Japan, like "New Year's Day" is a traditional Japanese individual, "Coming of Age Day" likes to drink, and "Valentine's Day" is an unrepentant casanova.

Title: Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi (Vol. 1-2)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Genderbender, Romance, Shoujo
Description: Mira falls off from a tree but before he reached the bottom, Prince Alex saved him! Prince Alex has been searching for his lost love and Mira looks exactly like her! Prince Alex is convinced that Mira is his lost princess, so he insists they take a bath together! However, he is disappointed when it turns out Mira is really a man. But that won’t stop Alex from loving him and trying to find out the mysterious past that Mira holds!
Review(s): sylphalchemist
Notes: I love how this is such a major fujoshi-trollfest xD

Title: Junketsu Lovers (Vol. 1)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Description: A long time ago there were vampires who had an allergy to RH+ blood, therefore they decided to only drink RH- blood. However, humans who carry this type of blood are rare. The vampires with this allergy created a safeguard academy for humans who carry this blood type. Within this academy they are promoting love relationships among the humans as cultivation.
Saika is one of the girls who carries RH-, ever since she was little she looked more like a boy and was teased so she decided to become stronger and less girly. Aoi is a good looking guy and her childhood friend. A handsome top breed vampire who is head of the student council named Ichika made an announcement that the guys and girls will start living together.
Aoi asked Saika to live with him and she ended up agreeing, however Ichika whom is her stalker wanted to live with her. Ever since that day when he followed her and she fell down, some blood hit the ground and Ichika tasted it. Since then he's been infatuated with her blood and thinks she's the one for him! However, Aoi wont back down from her either, why is that!?

Title: Shura no Hitsugi (Vol. 1)
Genre: Drama, Genderbender, Josei, Mature, Mystery
Description: Due to the length, please see here.
Sample(s): DL (Note: this is just a scan I found online so it's quite LQ)

Title: Akuma no Houteishiki (Vol. 1-2)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Genderbender, Romance, Shounen-ai
Description: A fun little two volume story about the Demon Astaroth who is being pursued by Beelzebub who wants to marry him. The problem is, if Astaroth give in he becomes a female, which he doesn't want. Second problem is that since he doesn't do a good job as a demon he is constantly running out of energy and transforming into a mini-demon. Of course Beel is always willing to give a little energy to his love. Also features a Lucifer who looks more like a visual J-pop star.
Tags: *manga, downloads, projects, requests

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